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Novagreen is a project participant in the operational group - "ReWali" - Reduction of nutrient input into water bodies and production of feed using duckweed - of the EU funding measure EIP Agri. Further information on the project can be found at the link

The project is funded by the ELER fund. Information on this can be found at .


Spirulina in Northern Germany

The aim of the "Spirulina in Northern Germany" project is to establish the production of the microalgae Spirulina in Lower Saxony's agriculture. To this end, cultivation in greenhouses is being tested together with two farmers. The cultivation technology for Spirulina must be optimized and an efficient harvesting system developed. The operational group is made up of the following members: Novagreen Projektmanagement GmbH, Agrinova Projektmanagement GmbH, the agricultural company RO-V-AL GbR and the horticultural company Christian Hohnholz. All project members already have experience in the cultivation of organically certified Chlorella microalgae. NOVAgreen develops, produces and markets systems for the production, harvesting and drying of microalgae. NOVAgreen is responsible for project coordination and the implementation of the scientific and technical goals such as the optimization of the cultivation technology and the development of an efficient harvesting system. Agrinova takes care of the implementation of the scientific and biological goals, for example the optimization of an organically certified fertilizer. Practical implementation and trials take place directly at the two farms.


Further information on the current EIP project can be found on the following page:

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