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Plant engineering

Novagreen Projektmanagement GmbH

We develop and market sustainable systems for the production, harvesting and drying of microalgae worldwide. At the same time, we produce Spirulina algae in our own plants for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Our goal is high-quality and pure algae products from Germany.

constant monitoring in the laboratory

Constant quality analyses of cultures in the laboratory before and during production

Aeration of the Spirulina tanks

The spirulina algae are cultivated in closed greenhouses in horizontal tanks.

Automatic harvester

During the automatic harvest, the spirulina algae are separated from the water using a belt filter until they reach a dry matter content of 10-14%.

Spaghetti machine for uniform harvest

The spirulina algae are gently dried at a temperature of < 42°C. This preserves important plant ingredients.

About Us

We are experts in plant engineering, processing technology and chemical analysis in horticulture. Whether it is the cultivation, harvesting and processing of microalgae and hemp, sophisticated energy concepts or biotechnological processes for the production of terpenes: we develop and market technical plants and systems that work efficiently, sustainably and at the highest level.
Interested? Then contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


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